Esthetic dental treatment: Beautiful teeth for a perfect look

White, gleaming teeth for a perfect smile

A gleaming smile has a positive effect all around. But beautiful teeth are seldom a gift of nature. Usually they are the result of careful dental hygiene and esthetic dentistry. Missing or discolored teeth can be corrected by your dentist. Modern esthetic dentistry has effective solutions at hand. These include:

1.  Veneers: thin ceramic shells for perfect teeth

2.  Bleaching: white teeth through teeth whitening agents

3.  Ceramic inlays and plastic fillings: invisible correction of cavities

For a perfect smile: veneers

Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are permanently attached to the front side of the teeth. The surface of the tooth is very lightly buffed. For especially thin veneers (lumineers), prior treatment of the teeth is not required. Veneers and lumineers are ideal for correcting slightly malpositioned teeth, small gaps, and local discolorations. The whisper-thin ceramic shells have been used in esthetic dentistry for decades. The procedure is very gentle and the results are visible immediately.

White teeth through bleaching

The starting point for bleaching to whiten teeth is always professional dental hygiene with our dental hygienist. This treatment alone makes your teeth visibly whiter. With bleaching, you can further brighten your teeth by two or three shades. Discolorations are eliminated by a whitening agent. Afterward your teeth are treated with fluoride, which adds minerals and strengthens them. The result is a perfect smile with beautiful, healthy teeth.

Ceramic inlays and plastic fillings

For cavities in the teeth, we use plastic fillings or ceramic inlays that are the same color as your teeth. These fillings are completely unnoticeable. At the same time, they protect the affected tooth against caries. While plastic fillings are sufficient for smaller holes, ceramic inlays can help with more extensive damage. Even severely destroyed teeth can be replaced so that they cannot be told apart from natural teeth. Full ceramic crowns harmoniously blend into your dentition.

Esthetic measures in geriatric dentistry

Teeth becoming darker with age is an entirely natural phenomenon. The composition of tooth enamel changes over the course of one’s life. Particularly in geriatric dentistry, therefore, esthetic measures are frequently requested by patients. This is very natural, as longer life expectancies lead to increased concern about our own appearance. Just ask us! We will show you how to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

As you age, the same things affect the appearance of your teeth: a low-sugar diet, brushing your teeth, professional dental hygiene, and regular check-ups by a dentist are indispensable. Esthetic dentistry can also help, if desired, in keeping your smile appealing. Come to our dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ if you want to know more about high-quality dental esthetics. Healthy and beautiful teeth are no accident.

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