Don’t be afraid of root canal treatment!

Root canal treatment preserves the natural tooth

If you have severe toothaches, this may be the result of an infection of the root canal. There are any number of causes for this, not necessarily involving lack of oral hygiene. In addition to severe infestation with tough caries bacteria, microcracks in the tooth enamel or even trauma may be responsible for the infection of the tooth nerve.

In the worst case, without prompt dental treatment, the tooth nerve can die. For this reason, professionally executed root canal treatment is very important in order to protect your teeth against irreversible total destruction, and to prevent or quickly eliminate pain.

A modern root canal treatment can relatively pain-free!

Many patients are afraid of root canal treatment and therefore show up much too late for a dental consultation. It is not uncommon for the infection in the root canal to have spread by this time, and in some cases it may have spread to adjacent teeth and their roots through the connected blood vessels. Unfortunately, many affected people do not know that root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) no longer needs to involve much pain.

Both modern check-up and treatment methods, and very effective local anesthetics, make it possible to perform root canal treatment with very little or no pain in most cases. If you have a toothache and suspect that the tooth nerve may be infected, you should visit our practice as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you and are ready to provide our many years of experience in the field of endodontics, extensive technical expertise, and our friendly team at any time. We want your tooth pain to quickly become a thing of the past and to protect and preserve the affected root canal over the long term.

Even crowned teeth can require root canal treatment

Even if your teeth have already had crowns applied, under some circumstances the root of the tooth may become infected and require root canal treatment. The edges of the crown, meaning the areas between the neck of the tooth and the crown, are often responsible for this. Caries bacteria can attack here and end up penetrating into the root canal.

If you experience pain in crowned teeth, or have the impression that a problem may be arising here, you should make an appointment at our dental practice as soon as possible. We can then easily determine whether endodontic treatment is needed and take any required measures for the root canal treatment right away.

Broad expert knowledge for the benefit of patients

Because endodontic treatment requires broad technical knowledge and high-quality execution, you should only put yourself in the hands of an experienced, technically well-equipped dentist if you need root canal treatment. Especially for very severely infected teeth, the so-called vital extirpation (removal of the nerve tissue from the root canal) can cause unpleasant pain, as the anesthetic injection prepared in the usual way may not be able to take effect properly because of the infected or even abscessed tissue.

Put your trust in the ability of an experienced dentist – so that the root canal treatment can be performed with as little pain as possible, even in difficult cases with advanced infections. At our practice, we perform root canal treatments using proven and traditional methods, with state-of-the-art technology and tissue-friendly materials. You can be sure that we will use every available means to make the treatment as pleasant for you as possible.

Prompt root canal treatment – to protect and save your teeth!

If a damaged tooth remains untreated, dangerous caries bacteria can spread in the direction of the jawbone. The body’s own immune response can cause pus to form there, or a cyst may arise. Don’t let it get that far, and avoid such problems from the start. An abscess is typically very painful. With early root canal treatment, you can protect and save your teeth!

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