Dental implants—the best solution for missing teeth

The dental implant – the best form of tooth replacement

Not only older people face the problem of missing teeth. Many young patients must also come to terms with tooth replacement, for a variety of reasons. If conventional dental treatment has reached its limits, and if your dentist has let you know that an affected tooth may no longer be able to be saved, you will often face many questions.

What tooth replacement is best? How can I protect my remaining healthy teeth? And how will I most easily handle everyday life? In many cases a dental implant is the most sensible solution, both for esthetic reasons and to ensure or restore quality of life over the long term. With a dental implant, you will get a reliable, modern solution that is as good as a real tooth in nearly every way.

Gaps in the teeth mean loss of quality of life

Lost teeth have many unpleasant consequences and affect you in many different ways. For one thing, you will often feel insecure due to the gap in your teeth, may feel discomfort, and can no longer chew the way you are used to. If the missing teeth are in the front part of your mouth, or the visible side of the jaw, then social interactions can suffer due to a sense of shame.

Many people withdraw more and more in order to avoid being asked about the gap in their teeth. Problems with daily activities such as eating and talking are joined by a substantial loss in quality of life. And finally, missing teeth also have negative effects on the jawbone and can lead to health problems.

Unbeatable in the long term: dental implants

There is whole range of options for tooth replacement. Nearly every variant has certain advantages and disadvantages. Unlike removable prosthetics and similar tooth replacements, an implant is an outstandingly high-quality and sensible variant in order to be able to talk, chew, and smile over the long term. Quality of life is often very substantially improved with a dental implant.

You should therefore always consider a dental implant if you have an indication of tooth replacement, and thoroughly consult with a technical specialist. At our practice, we have had many years of good experience with the placement of dental implants in the jawbone. We frequently perform these treatments with great success.

Often we are already able to convince our patients of the many advantages of an implant during ongoing dental treatment. The next steps for providing a high-quality dental implant can then be discussed together. If you are looking for a consultation that is as competent as it is friendly, along with sensible dental treatment, then contact us! We look forward to standing by your side with advice and support, and to informing you of the positive features that dental implants can provide.

The best material for implants in the jawbone

There are many varied reasons for tooth loss. Without a doubt, caries can be one such reason, but there are many other possibilities that would make tooth replacement necessary. An accident or illness, such as periodontitis, may be the cause. It is not uncommon for early tooth loss or massive caries to be genetic, despite intensive and regular dental care.

Therefore, no one should ever be ashamed of a tooth replacement, no matter what kind! In the vast majority of cases, an implant is the variant with the greatest durability. If you are looking for a permanent, cosmetically first-class, and functionally nearly unbeatable tooth replacement, then the best choice is almost always a dental implant. The available options include implants made of ceramic or of titanium. Both types are carefully installed in the jawbone and firmly anchored there.

Because this is a permanent solution, the materials used must of course be biocompatible and may not be viewed as foreign bodies by your immune system. Recently, implants made from a high-performance ceramic known as zirconium oxide have become increasingly popular. This material has better biological compatibility in the human body than titanium alloys, and thus may be a good option for patients with allergies to have implants placed in the jawbone. Nevertheless, dental implants made of titanium are a proven option, as they still have impressive structural and mechanical properties.

Our suppliers for the best materials

We are happy to advise you!

We are happy to discuss which material is best suited for your dental implant during consultation appointment, or in the course of normal dental treatment. Thanks to our many years of experience and the wide variety of implant-based treatments, we can generally find the right material for you in no time. Talk to us, we look forward to meeting you!

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