Dental hygiene and professional teeth cleaning

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Most patients known how important daily oral hygiene is. They regularly brush their teeth, eat a low-sugar diet, and avoid nicotine. Dental hygiene treatment at the dental practice is an important addition to this, because only professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist makes oral hygiene perfect. This treatment is the only way to effectively remove tartar, one of the main causes of caries and periodontitis.

The best insurance against dental disease

Professional teeth cleaning significantly reduces the risk of dental disease. Dental hygiene at our practice will maintain your dental health, prevent bad breath, and simply make your teeth more beautiful. Clinical studies prove again and again that the combination of oral hygiene at home and professional teeth cleaning is the best insurance against dental disease. Our experienced team of specialists provides comprehensive advice about all aspects of effective oral hygiene.

How professional teeth cleaning works

Professional teeth cleaning is performed by a dental hygienist. It typically consists of four steps:

1. Clinical check of the teeth and gums

2. Application of intensive cleaning methods to remove plaque and tartar

3. Polishing of the teeth

4. Advice about oral hygiene at home

For removing tartar, special mechanical instruments and ultrasonic devices are used. They guarantee comprehensive and thorough cleaning of your teeth, because a toothbrush, floss, and interdental brushes cannot do this alone. The treatment generally takes about an hour. We recommend that professional teeth cleaning be repeated semi-annually – to keep your teeth gleaming white and healthy for a long time.

Dental hygienist: expertise in dental health

You can always rely on the professional services of our dental hygienist Lucija Adrijanic. As a federally certified dental hygienist, she has completed a three-year education program. Fundamental subjects for dental hygienists include anatomy, cellular and tissue biology, preventive medicine, and oral histology. But professional teeth cleaning requires more than just excellent technical knowledge. Sensitivity and manual dexterity are also needed. Our dental hygienist Lucija Adrijanic works very precisely and always addresses your individual needs.

Modern instruments and individual programs for beautiful teeth and healthy gums.

Our DH works with state-of-the-art instruments for dental hygiene. For example, she uses ultrasonic and powder-blasting devices (Air-Flow). She will also show you effective tools and techniques for cleaning your teeth and daily oral hygiene. Lucija Andrijanic adapts her dental hygiene program to your individual needs and will automatically invite you to return once or twice a year for treatment.

Professional dental hygiene in Pfäffikon

You can look forward to the good feeling you get after a professional teeth cleaning. You will feel that your teeth are clean all over – and you will see it, too. Your teeth will be visibly whiter due to dental hygiene at the dentist’s. Find out about professional dental hygiene at the practice of Dr. Farspour in Pfäffikon SZ. We look forward to meeting you!

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