Gentle wisdom teeth extraction – preventive or acute

We perform wisdom tooth extraction gently, with little pain.

There are a number of reasons that make it necessary to remove wisdom teeth. Has your dentist indicated that extraction is needed, or have you been advised of the same by our practice team? If you decide to seek treatment with us, you will not only get first-class professional extraction of your wisdom tooth, but also sensitive care. We have a lot of experience with wisdom tooth extraction and are always ready to take on even complicated cases.

Wisdom tooth extraction due to a displaced or tilted tooth

Not rarely is a wisdom tooth extraction recommended because the wisdom tooth is displaced, tilted, or twisted in the jaw. If such a tooth were to simply continue to grow, it could have a negative effect on its neighboring tooth and damage its roots. As a result, it is possible that problems in the affected area of the mouth will get a lot worse. A simple wisdom tooth extraction can then turn into an extensive oral surgery.

But it doesn’t need to get to that point! If this type of anatomical condition has been diagnosed, we can help you quickly and safely by extracting the wisdom tooth. The removal of the affected tooth protects the adjacent tooth, thus preventing negative phenomena in this area right from the start.

Pain in the wisdom tooth

Pain in a wisdom tooth can be very unpleasant. Due to its size and special position in the jaw, the consequences of nerve inflammation in a wisdom tooth are especially palpable. As a result of infection with caries bacteria, a crack in the tooth, or similar phenomena, the root of the tooth may suffer from severe inflammation. If affected, you will usually only find out about the processes in your mouth through the appearance of severe pain.

This means that when massive caries or deep damage to the substance of the tooth are identified, it is recommended that extraction of the damaged wisdom tooth be considered in acute situations as well. Early action can save you from severe pain and sleepless nights! Let us check your wisdom teeth properly at our practice. If necessary, we will discuss further action with you. Even if wisdom tooth extraction should become necessary, our experienced and friendly team will take good care of you.

Prevent secondary diseases with extraction

Besides the reasons given, it can also be the case that a wisdom tooth is preventing your teeth from closing properly (known as occlusion). Here again, extraction is typically unavoidable, not only in order to maintain or restore your quality of life, but also in order to avoid secondary diseases caused by bite malocclusion. Another indicator for the necessity of wisdom tooth extraction is failure of the tooth to break through the gum. In such cases, the affected wisdom tooth typically remains in the jawbone below the gums and has formed a cyst there. This is reason enough to plan the removal of the affected tooth with such a diagnosis.

But regardless of the indication for wisdom tooth extraction, at our practice we always perform the necessary treatment gently, with little pain. So don’t delay; contact us right away and make an initial appointment for consultation, so that this unpleasantness can soon be a thing of the past.

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