Cerec: perfect crowns and fillings in just one session!

If you want to enjoy your new crowns or inlays for a long time, and are looking for the fastest possible dental treatment, there is basically no way around CEREC. State-of-the-art computer technology and on-site production of the fillings makes it possible to have you smiling and biting down again in the blink of an eye. You will see that high-quality crowns and inlays are possible in just one dentist's session – with CEREC!

CEREC makes dreams come true: everything is finished in one dental treatment!

Do you want to receive high-quality crowns or inlays quickly, comfortably, and in first-class quality in a single session? Without temporaries or annoying follow-up appointments? Then the modern, exceptionally effective CEREC dental treatment is just the right thing for you. With CEREC, the affected tooth is completely fixed, typically in 60 to 90 minutes. The result is esthetically impressive, because the entire restoration can hardly be distinguished from a natural tooth.

Welcome to the large circle of satisfied CEREC patients!

Take a seat in our comfortable dental chair and learn about CEREC. We are sure that you will be excited about the results – and the speed of the treatment procedure. After all, the CEREC technology can be used to design and produce inlays, crowns, veneers, and onlays with anatomical precision and apply them to the affected tooth.

The CEREC procedure (CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is based on a refined computer-aided system, the fundamentals of which have been in use for over 30 years. It has been gradually developed and improved to its current level of performance. Many scientific studies have shown that CEREC has a number of important advantages for you as a patient. The positive characteristics of this process have already convinced innumerable people. Over 35 million restorations have been successfully produced and installed around the world with CEREC. This puts you in the best of company.

Don’t have much time? No problem with CEREC!

If private or business obligations mean that you don't have much time for a visit to the dentist, this does not mean that you need to do without high-quality dental fillings. With CEREC, we offer an exceptionally efficient and time-saving option for performing the dental restoration that you need quickly and simply, in a single treatment session. The crowns or inlays produced during this session are produced directly at the treatment chair, using your anatomical characteristics.

CEREC is a time-saving procedure that makes no compromises in terms of quality. Moreover, CEREC provides computer-aided design and production of excellent fillings using all typical materials, without the unpleasant tray impression, time-consuming trial fittings, and burdensome temporary fillings. With CEREC, you will receive high-quality fillings in a breathtakingly short time so that you and your calendar can smile again!

By the way: CEREC is also a good solution for patients who are afraid of the dentist. Because the treatment is completed in just one, relatively short session, only one anesthetic injection is typically required. The restoration of the affected tooth is then performed gently, free of unpleasant impression techniques, and always lovingly and carefully.

Cerec: highly advanced and precise

Innovative technology for quality-conscious patients

CEREC can be used not just to make inlays and crowns, but also for us, as your dentist, to perform implant and orthodontic services – reliably, precisely, and quickly. If you decide on a dental treatment using this method, we start with the gentle but effective removal of the damaged substance of the affected tooth. If necessary, we also remove any old fillings or crowns. Then a 3D camera is used to measure the tooth precisely. This procedure normally takes just a few seconds.

With the data obtained in this manner, we then construct a filling or crown that fits perfectly, using a grinder connected to the system to grind it out of a ceramic block with no further delay. The high-precision process of grinding from the ceramic block takes between ten and fifteen minutes. Once the ceramic block has been ground down and the crown or filling is complete, we place it in the affected tooth using special adhesive technology. Done!

CEREC is gentle and attractive

If you decide on CEREC, you will receive a treatment that protects healthy tooth substance and thus ensures that your intact chewing surfaces will last a long time. The crowns or inlays ground from the individual ceramic block are the same color as the tooth, and matched specifically to your personal dental conditions, so the result is a very attractive look.

The electronic color matching by our experienced dental team, and a wide range of available colors for the ceramic block, mean that nearly any shade and nuance of the natural tooth can be recreated. The fluorescence of the fillings or crowns also exact matches that of the natural tooth. When the dental treatment is complete, you will generally not see any difference between the treated tooth and its filling. CEREC therefore means: perfect crowns and fillings in just one session!

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