Dentist for children

Children like coming to the dental practice of Dr. Farspour

Children need not only an expert dentist, but also a loving person who treats them with empathy and understanding. We strive to make sure that your child’s visit to the dentist remains a good memory. We make treatment a special experience for children. Children are especially welcome at our practice in Pfäffikon SZ/Freienbach!

So your child will like going to the dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist makes a life-long impression. As women, our dentists have a natural maternal instinct. A child feels this right away: This is a safe place, full of understanding. Our practice is even set up to be inviting and attractive to children. Children simply feel good with us.

The baby tooth – foundation of healthy dentition

Many parents are unaware that, although baby teeth make way for permanent teeth between the ages of five and twelve, they are important for life-long dental health. A healthy baby tooth is the basis for healthy dentition as an adult. It is therefore critical that children visit the dentist before any dental disease or accidents occur.

Maintaining baby teeth is of great importance for the development of permanent teeth. Baby teeth are also very important for later dental patterns and speech development. Parents should do everything they can to prevent cavities in their children. This includes regular visits to the dentist. It is best to start as early as possible. Or in kindergarten at the very latest. It is very important that the children retain good memories of their first visit to the dentist.

Pediatric dentistry in a child-friendly atmosphere

At our pediatric dentistry practice, we place great emphasis on treatment in an atmosphere free of fear. To help maintain this relaxed and child-friendly mood, we can play funny videos on request during the treatment. Laughing gas has also proven to be effective in pediatric dentistry. Children then do not see the situation of necessary dental treatment as a threat. They are relaxed, calm, and in a good mood. Laughing gas is also harmless.


For pediatric dentistry, it is especially important that any misalignment of the teeth be detected early. This can be corrected with braces or a retainer, for example. During our check-up, we examine children’s teeth in this aspect as well. If your child needs orthodontics, we will refer you to a very good orthodontist for treatment.

Our services

1.  Regular check-ups of baby teeth – starting at age 3.

2.  Treatment of accidents and diseases of the teeth

3.  Check the need for orthodontic measures (such as braces)

4.  Referral to an orthodontist if needed

5.  Consultation with children and parents about how to care for teeth

Our expertise for healthy baby teeth

We take plenty of time for our youngest customers and do everything we can to create a stress-free, casual atmosphere. Our team knows that little patients can be afraid. And they treat them accordingly.

A visit to a pediatric dentist is a valuable gift to your offspring that provides life-long benefits. When children associate dental check-ups with a positive feeling, they will not be afraid of the dentist later on. We do our best to ensure this. We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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