Optimally covered with a dental crown or bridge

Proven tooth replacement: dental crown and dental bridge

Not every damaged tooth can be saved by fillings alone. If there are larger defects due to severe caries or massively destroyed tooth enamel, then effective measures must be taken for long-term conservation. A dental crown or bridge can be a good and safe solution to these challenges. At our practice, we are able to replace damaged or lost teeth quickly, permanently, and with high quality – always with excellent cosmetic results.

Great optics and function: the dental crown

If the substance of a tooth has been so severely destroyed that it can no longer be effectively treated with conventional preservation measures, then in many cases the first choice is a dental crown. Particularly for severe defects that have resulted from caries bacteria, and after root canal treatments, an affected tooth may be saved for the long term by applying a dental crown. If it has been determined in the course of dental treatment that you have such a condition, you are in the right place at our practice.

Treatment with dental crowns is one of our standard procedures and we perform a large number every year. Nevertheless, you also receive individualized care at all times at our practice. We provide thorough consultation about the available options and discuss the next steps and subsequent dental treatment with you. With respect to the material used for dental crowns, we also provide case-by-case consultation. Whether blended metal-ceramic crowns or full ceramics, the result should always be impressive and its functionality convincing.

Dental crown progression of treatment

The dental bridge as a sensible alternative to implants

Unfortunately, in many cases teeth are so deeply destroyed by caries or other damage that they can no longer be saved. Extraction is unavoidable in these cases. If such a diagnosis is made during a check-up or a dental treatment, you may be shocked at first and ask yourself how you will still be able to eat and smile in the future, despite everything. Many patients experience this initial uncertainty and it is completely normal. We are nearly always able to convince the patient, however, that a missing tooth, regardless of whether it is in the upper or lower jaw, is not a catastrophe.

With suitable tooth replacement measures, quality of life can be maintained or even improved relative to the current condition. If you have an intact tooth on either side of the one that must be extracted, then a dental bridge can be considered as a sensible alternative to an implant. The neighboring teeth, also referred to as support teeth, are ground off to fit a dental bridge and then capped with specially made crowns. These crowns are then connected to one or more (if the gap is large) intermediate links.

For dental crowns or bridges: your tooth replacement is in good hands with us!

Whether you need a dental crown or a bridge, you are in good hands with us for any questions about this type of tooth replacement and the necessary dental treatment. With many years of experience and the technical expertise in our practice, we are always ready to fix your individual dental problems reliably, safely, and with long-lasting results. Ultimately, you should enjoy your new tooth replacement for as long as possible, and you should feel at ease throughout the necessary dental treatment process.

We always take care to minimize or eliminate pain during treatment, and use modern equipment and effective local anesthetic to ensure that the entire treatment procedure is as pleasant as possible. Don’t delay; make an appointment to day for a consultation and treatment with us. Our friendly practice team is looking forward to meeting you!

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