SSO dentists ensure optimal dental treatment

SSO dentists

SSO is the abbreviation for Società svizzera odontoiatri, or the Swiss Dental Association. An SSO dentist is a member of the professional organization SSO. The SSO represents its Swiss member dentists and ensures that strict professional ethical obligations are met. The overarching goal of the SSO is optimal dental preventive care for the Swiss people, so SSO dentists must meet many challenging criteria in order to become members.

SSO dentists act for the benefit of patients

Pursuing dental treatment is not a simple step for many people. Negative experiences in the past, fear of the dentist, and a general feeling of uncertainty about what treatment is appropriate can irritate even confident patients. Modern technical equipment at a dental practice alone is no guarantee of successful treatment. Before selecting your next dental practice, you should check for a reliable sign of quality: membership in the SSO.

Why you should look for an SSO dentist

Unlike non-SSO members, SSO dentists are bound by the technical terms of the dentists' organization. This means that SSO dentists always need to keep their knowledge up to date with the latest scientific standard. This includes both theoretical and practical ongoing education for all SSO members and training and education for employees of the practice. This ensures that all team members at an SSO practice work together perfectly – the foundation for the success of your treatment.

What makes SSO dentists special?

Dental treatment performed in accordance with all standards of care is a matter of course for every SSO dentist. As stipulated in the SSO guidelines, SSO dentists meet even the highest quality requirements of their patients:

1.  The highest priority is optimal oral hygiene for the people; the focus is on preventive care for diseases such as cavities and periodontitis.

2.  Annual ongoing dental education for SSO dentists exceeds 80 hours. This keeps their knowledge and abilities up to date at all times.

3.  Treatment is performed very individually, because each person comes to the dentist with different expectations and requirements. The SSO dentist is personally responsible to the patient.

4.  SSO dentists provide information about various cost models and treatment alternatives in order to address the economic situation of their patients.

5.  As part of a transparent treatment, all treatment steps are clear, including an understandable and detailed bill.

6.  If a dispute should arise, an SSO dentist is subject to a procedure before the independent dental appraisal commission.

Your SSO dentist: the best quality for satisfied patients

If you are looking for an experienced SSO dentist, then you are in the best hands at our practice. Dr. Bita Farspour and her entire team exclusively follow the defined SSO guidelines. For us, this means ongoing education of a least 80 hours annually, so that we can treat our patients using the latest state of the art in dentistry at all times.

But we don’t just offer optimal dental care with cutting-edge technology. Our SSO dentist provides treatment that matches your personal needs. For children, adults, or fearful patients—at our dental practice, everyone is taken seriously and treated sensitively. We are happy to work for your oral health. Just give us a call and make an appointment at our dental practice!