Dental practice near you, in Freienbach and the surrounding area

Dental practice Dr. Farspour: the dentist near you

What makes a good dentist? First of all, of course, expertise and technical knowledge, in addition to a well-equipped dental practice and technically knowledgeable staff with understanding lot of sympathy and sensitivity. But proximity to the patient also counts. The distance to comprehensive dental hygiene should not be too far, just as a dentist must be easy to reach quickly in case of dental problems. The dental practice of Dr. Bita Farspour is easy to reach form any part of Freienbach - and beyond.

Your dental practice in Freienbach

Pfäffikon SZ is the main town in the community of Freienbach. Other parts of the area include Freienbach, Wilen bei Wollerau, Bäch, and Hurden. The Etzel, at an elevation of more than a thousand meters, is the distinctive symbol of the community, visible from afar. Freienbach is currently the largest community in the Canton of Schwyz. The best conditions for companies, picturesque living locations, and proximity to Zurich mean that the population has grown significantly in recent decades. Freienbach is a popular place to live and work, and is also home to a competent center for dental hygiene: the practice of dentist Dr. Farspour, treats patients from Freienbach and the entire surrounding area.

An upcoming community in the Canton of Schwyz

With nearly 16,000 residents, the Freienbach community is the largest locality in the district of Höfe in the Canton of Schwyz. Modern educational, recreational, and shopping options characterize this community. Freienbach is not actually considered a city, but rather an amalgamation of independent villages that represent their interests together. A high standard of living is common to all five parts of Freienbach. The same goes for the expectations for professional dental treatment. At our practice for dental hygiene in Pfäffikon SZ (Freienbach), we meet these expectations for you – because as a patient, everything centers on you.

Patients from many nearby areas

The practice of dentist Dr. Farspour is known beyond the borders of the Freienbach community – which makes the practice team on Lake Zurich proud. Patients from Jona and Rapperswil, from Richterswil, Feusisberg, Siebnen, and Lachen like to come to the dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ. The trip from the city of Schwyz is also worthwhile, for example if you value professional dental hygiene in a modern ambience. Are you looking for a dentist with high demands? Then you’re in the right place at the dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ. The large number of patients from Freienbach and the surrounding area indicate that quality is important—especially when it comes to highly trusted services such as dental treatment and hygiene.

How to get to your nearby dental practice

Even if you don’t live in Freienbach, it is not a problem to reach the dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ in just a short time. The exemplary transportation connections all around Lake Zurich make it easy for you. Here is some brief information on transportation connections:

Arriving from Jona

The route from Jona to Pfäffikon SZ runs across the Seedamm from Rapperswil. The train runs parallel to the shortest connection between Jona and Pfäffikon SZ by car. In just a few minutes you will reach the dental practice of Dr. Farspour.

• Distance: about 6 km

• Train: 12 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 7 minutes

Arriving from Rapperswil

From Rapperswil on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich, Pfäffikon SZ is just a stone’s throw away. Trains run every 20 minutes from the Rapperswil station. You cross Lake Zurich on the Seedamm. With a short stop in Hurden, you reach the Pfäffikon SZ station in 4 minutes. From there it is just a few steps to your dentist at Churerstrasse 42.

• Distance: about 5 km

• Train: 4 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 5 minutes

Arriving from Richterswil

If you are coming from Richterswil, you will need less than 10 minutes – regardless of whether you come by train or by car. Enjoy the short trip to your dentist in Freienbach – always along the southern shore of Lake Zurich. Arriving at the Pfäffikon SZ station, walk along Bahnhofstrasse to Churerstrasse, then turn left to no. 42. The dental practice is located in a modern office building.

• Distance: about 8 km

• Train: 7 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 9 minutes

Arriving from Feusisberg

The trip from Feusisberg to your dentist also takes just a few minutes. Feusisberg and Pfäffikon SZ are just 4 kilometers apart. Bus line 190 connects Feusisberg and Pfäffikon SZ hourly. Get off at the Tertianum bus stop – —from there, the dental practice is just 350 meters away.

• Distance: about 4 km

• Bus: 7 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 4 minutes

Arriving from the city of Schwyz

The trip from Schwyz to Pfäffikon SZ runs through Sattel, Rothenthurm, Biberbrugg, and Schindellegi. If you are using public transportation, you will need to take a train and a bus. The trip by car from Schwyz to the dentist’s practice in Freienbach (Pfäffikon SZ) is considerably quicker.

• Distance: about 30 km

• Train/Bus: 1 hour and 20 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 30 minutes

Arriving from Lachen

From Lachen, you will reach Pfäffikon SZ via Altendorf. By car or train, the trip to the dentist takes just six minutes and the bus line 524 runs every ten minutes. Not a problem then to get to your dentist form Lachen at any time.

• Distance: about 18 km

• Train/Bus: 6/17 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 6 minutes

Arriving from Siebnen

Siebnen and the dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ are 10 kilometers apart. You travel through Lachen and Altendorf. Whether by train, bus, or car – the trip to the dentist takes very little time.

• Distance: about 10 km

• Train/Bus: 11/32 minutes

• Taxi/Car: 9 minutes

Wherever you are coming from: We look forward to meeting you!

Regardless of what town you come from, our dentists in Freienbach (Pfäffikon SZ) look forward to your visit. We are happy to be available for professional teeth cleaning, bleaching, high-quality tooth replacement (such as dental implants), or just for a regular check-up of your teeth by an expert dentist. Do you want to know the best way to get to our dental practice? We are happy to help –just ask!