Bleaching: Teeth whitening at the dentist

Bleaching – the effective way to whiten teeth

Very few people have been given white teeth by nature. This is why whitening of the teeth is a frequently requested service. There are two fundamental alternatives here:

1. Home bleaching: teeth whitening at home.

2. In-office or power bleaching: professional bleaching of the teeth at the dentist.

Teeth whitening products available over the counter are only allowed to contain a very low concentration of bleaching agents (peroxides). The effectiveness of this treatment is therefore limited. Only bleaching under a dentist’s supervision can use bleaching agents at higher concentrations. In-office bleaching shows long-lasting visible results very quickly. The dentist and the dental hygienist make sure that the teeth and gums are not damaged by the bleaching agent.

Bleaching at the dentist

A prerequisite for teeth whitening is completely cleaned teeth. Professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist is therefore done before every bleaching treatment. Exposed tooth necks and gums are protected with a rubber coffer dam prior to bleaching. Only then is a gel containing the bleaching agent applied to the teeth. UV light is also used to support the brightening effect of the peroxide. After 30 to 45 minutes, the gel is removed, and the treatment is complete. Another session may follow if needed to optimize the results.

Beautiful, white teeth for a long time

Together with professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist, bleaching can take about 1.5 to 2 hours at the dentist. The effects last a long time. Your teeth will be visibly brighter for two to four years. The long-term success of bleaching, however, depends heavily on your lifestyle and habits. Smoking and certain beverages and foods cause discoloration. The bleaching can be repeated at any time at no risk, however. For a long-term visual effect and the health of your teeth, regular professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist is important.

Bleaching teeth safely

Please note that only a dentist can determine whether bleaching is right for you. For people with sensitive teeth or allergies, or children under 16 years of age, this treatment is generally not possible. We recommend that every patient get advice from a dentist before bleaching, and have the bleaching done at our dental practice. Ask us if you want to know more about teeth whitening at the dentist. We will be happy to give you an answer.

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