Your new dentures: convincing and secure

Eating, talking, and laughing are possible again with a partial or full prosthetic

If it is determined in the course of dental treatment that a patient requires tooth replacement, a number of questions often usually arise. Especially with regard to your future life with a dentures, there is a lot of uncertainty, but this can be usually be resolved quickly. Following a thorough consultation in a friendly atmosphere, we can generally put aside any fears and doubts and determine, together, which dentures make the most sense in a particular case, and what the next course of treatment will look like.

Dentures bring back beautiful teeth and good chewing sensation

Dentures prosthetics are removable reconstructions of lost teeth. They restore the esthetics of the mouth and the familiar experience of chewing. They also reduce problems with speaking. We anchor partial prosthetics to the remaining teeth using clips, snaps, or an attachment. For full prosthetics, we set implants in order to optimally fixate the prosthetic and give it sufficient hold.

Top quality partial prosthetics

With a dental prosthetic, gaps in the teeth can be closed and defective portions of the jaw can be compensated for. Unlike implants, bridges, and crowns, a prosthetic is a removable tooth replacement. From a dentistry standpoint, it is advisable primarily when a bridge is no longer sufficient for esthetically and functionally flawless closure of gaps. But if a few healthy teeth are still present for securing the prosthetic in the jaw, you will typically receive what is known as a partial prosthetic. This particular type of denture combines existing teeth with artificial teeth. Therefore, for optimal visual harmony, especially careful coordination of the material used for the partial prosthetic is required with respect to the tooth color.

At our practice, we place great value on a first-class cosmetic result. After all, you should not only be able to chew and speak well after the treatment - people that you interact with should not notice that you have a dental prosthetic. Even though no one should be ashamed to have a dentures, most patients prefer that this personal information remains confidential. Thanks to our many years of experience and technical expertise, we are able to fulfill this wish nearly all of the time.

A full, or total, prosthetic brings back your quality of life

Full dentures for a powerful bite

While there are still some teeth in the jaw with a partial prosthetic, a full prosthetic is used whenever the entire upper and/or lower jaw has become toothless with age or after complete extraction. This can be due to severe caries, an accident, or physical illness. Regardless of the reasons for this dental condition, we give our full effort to working as carefully as possible to provide effective tooth replacement that improves your quality of life over the long term.

If you should need full dentures, you are in good hands with us. From the extraction of any destroyed teeth or removal of residual teeth, to making a tooth imprint, to the production of the dentures: We make sure that the treatment goes smoothly and without undue burdens throughout all phases of the procedure.

Refusing dentures can have dire consequences!

Particularly if your missing teeth are limited to the back part of the mouth, where they are not visible, many patients ask whether dentures are necessary at all. Often the affected patients have come to terms with their dental condition and shift biting and chewing to the front of the mouth. If you should happen to be one of these people, please consider the following: every missing tooth represents a risk to the jawbone!

Because the pressure of chewing is missing from the toothless part of the jaw, the bone in the jaw slowly deteriorates. This can inhibit both the ability to chew and the formation of sounds, as well as affecting facial esthetics – a condition that is very difficult or impossible to correct. Anatomically incorrect chewing behavior and the shift of the entire natural dentition also presents a risk of tension in the head and neck. This can result in pain in these regions. It is therefore absolutely necessary to get advice about the options for sensible tooth replacement if teeth are missing, and to use dentures (full or partial) if necessary.

So don’t delay; make an appointment with us as soon as possible if you need dentures. Together we will make sure that you can soon smile and bite down again without any difficulty.

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