Dental hygiene near you, in Freienbach and the surrounding area

The practice of dentist Dr. Farspour is centrally located in Pfäffikon SZ

Are you looking for a dental hygienist for professional teeth cleaning? Do you live in Freienbach or another town in the Canton of Schwyz? Perhaps in Jona, Lachen, Siebnen, Rapperswil, Feusisberg, Richterswil, or the city of Schwyz? Then you are in the right place at our dental practice in Pfäffikon SZ (Freienbach). We offer dental hygiene here, right in your neighborhood. Our services are used regularly not just by patients in Pfäffikon SZ and Freienbach, but also by people coming from the surrounding towns who enjoy our practice for dental health and hygiene in Pfäffikon SZ.

Freienbach in the Canton of Schwyz

Pfäffikon SZ is the largest district in the community of Freienbach. Freienbach, in turn, is the most populous community in the Canton of Schwyz. Schwyz is a very popular region in Switzerland: gorgeous landscapes, historical markers of the federation, and lots of recreational opportunities make the Canton a popular place to live. The economy is flourishing; the region is a prosperous part of Switzerland. Tourists are also drawn to this beautiful area, which is full of mountains and lakes. The Canton of Schwyz is part of the greater central Switzerland region, and the metropolitan area of Zurich. Freienbach, with its unique location on Lake Zurich, also has close connections to the internationally prominent city of Zurich.

The towns around Freienbach

The area around Freienbach on Lake Zurich is densely populated. There are many towns here with historic town centers and interesting sights. East of Freienbach are Lachen and Siebnen. Lachen not only extends an invitation to swim in the Obersee, but is also a popular starting point for short or extended hikes in the mountains. Siebnen is a picturesque town at the foot of the Stockwerk. Feusisberg, on the Way of St. James, is characterized by its position on a high plateau of the Etzel, where it offers a broad view of Richterswil, also known as Richti.

Pfäffikon SZ is connected to the community of Rapperswil-Jona on the other shore of Lake Zurich by the Seedamm. A little further out, but reachable within half an hour, is the community of Schwyz. This is the town that gave the confederation its name. The connections between these towns and Pfäffikon SZ have always been close. This is evident today from the very good transportation connections.

Your dental hygienist in Freienbach

Our dental hygienist Lucija Andrijanic is your expert for tartar removal and professional teeth cleaning. Patients from the entire Canton of Schwyz, from Feusisberg, Rapperswil, Siebnen, Lachen, Jona, or Richterswil enjoy her services for dental health. Regular teeth cleaning is just as important as a check-up with the dentist – ideally twice a year. The trip to Freienbach is not far: from most towns in the area, it takes less than 10 minutes to get here. The practice for dental health in Pfäffikon SZ is also popular among patients from many towns in the Canton of Schwyz and on Lake Zurich.

Professional teeth cleaning in Pfäffikon SZ

In addition to comprehensive teeth cleaning, in which bacterial plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth, our dental hygienist provides consultation on all aspects of effective daily dental hygiene. Please remember that it is nearly impossible to remove tartar with household products. Only treatment by our dental hygienist removes all tartar without a trace – even between the teeth. Our dental hygienist in Freienbach works quickly, professionally, and thoroughly. Treatment includes a clinical check-up, removal of plaque and tartar, polishing the teeth, and consultation, so it generally takes just one hour.

The route to dental hygiene near you

If you are coming from Jona, Rapperswil, Richterswil, Schwyz, Lachen, Feusisberg, Siebnen, or another town, you don’t need to travel far to get expert dental hygiene in the heart of Freienbach. Your practice for dental hygiene is easy to find.

Arriving from Jona

The Seedamm from Rapperswil takes you across Lake Zurich to Pfäffikon SZ. Trains from Jona run every half hour. From the Pfäffikon SZ station, your dentist is just a few steps away at Churerstrasse 42.

• Distance: 6 km

• Train: 12 minutes

• Car: 7 minutes

Arriving from Rapperswil

Rapperswil lies on the route from Jona to Pfäffikon. Trains run every 20 minutes from here to Pfäffikon SZ. Whether by public transportation or by car – in just a few minutes you can be at your appointment with your dental hygienist.

• Distance: 5 km

• Train: 5 minutes

• Car: 5 minutes

Arriving from Richterswil

The trip from Richterswil to Pfäffikon SZ takes you along the southern shore of Lake Zurich. The distance of eight kilometers takes just a few minutes by car or train.

• Distance: 8 km

• Train: 7 minutes

• Car: 9 minutes

Arriving from Lachen

The route from Lachen to Pfäffikon SZ goes through Altendorf. You drive westwards along the southern shore of Lake Zurich. Bus line 524 connects the towns every 10 minutes.

• Distance: 6 km

• Train/Bus: 6 or 17 minutes

• Car: 9 minutes

Arriving from Siebnen

The trip from Siebnen to your appointment for dental hygiene is also short. Just 10 kilometers separate Siebnen and Pfäffikon SZ. The route runs through Lachen and Altendorf.

• Distance: 10 km

• Train/Bus: 11 or 32 minutes

• Car: 9 minutes

Arriving from Feusisberg

The bus between Feusisberg and Pfäffikon SZ (line 190) runs every hour. From the Tertianum bus stop, the dental practice at Churerstrasse 42 is 350 meters away. Walk along the street in the same direction that the bus travels, then turn left at the intersection onto Churerstrasse.

• Distance: 4 km

• Bus: 7 minutes

• Car: 4 minutes

Arriving from Schwyz

Using public transportation, you can travel from Schwyz by bus and get on the train to Pfäffikon SZ in Rothenthurm. The trip by car takes a little less time.

• Distance: 30 km

• Train/Bus: 1 hour and 20 minutes

• Car: 30 minutes

From Pfäffikon SZ station to the dental practice

The distance from the Pfäffikon SZ station to the practice of dentist Dr. Farspour is about 200 meters. Walk from the train station along Bahnhofstrasse, which takes you directly to Churerstrasse. Cross over Churerstrasse. On the left you will see the modern building in which your dentist in Freienbach is located.

A short trip to dental health

The best preventive care for healthy teeth and gums is a regular professional teeth cleaning. The trip to professional teeth cleaning in Freienbach is not far for you. Call us or send us an email if you would like more information or to make an individual appointment. We look forward to your visit – whether you come from Rapperswil, Lachen, Jona, or another town in the area. You are always welcome here!