The best dental filling for you!

Dental fillings made of composite or ceramic have a convincing esthetic result

At the dental practice of Dr. Bita Farspour, the highest quality is always first priority for all dental treatments. For this reason, our main focus, with dental fillings in particular, is on the best possible service and care of our patients. Regardless of whether they are composite (plastic) or ceramic: We provide comprehensive consultation, friendly treatment with little pain, and a first-class visual result, so that you can soon smile broadly and bite down hard again with your new dental filling.

Many options for perfect teeth

No one should be ashamed if time has left its mark on their teeth. Sometimes, regular and intensive brushing is no help with destructive caries over the long term. Holes in the tooth substance will occur eventually. Cracks in the surface of the tooth enamel or an accident can also cause damage to the teeth, making a dental filling necessary.

In all of these cases, you should not wait too long. Instead, contact our friendly practice team as soon as possible to set up an appointment for treatment. Afterward will we be happy to discuss further measures with you and decide which type of dental filling makes the most sense in your concrete case. You will be amazed by the excellent options that now exist for putting the right dental filling in your teeth quickly and permanently. Gentle, elegant, and with first-class optical results.

Which dental filling is the best?

The question of which filling material is most suitable for your teeth can only be answered on a very individual basis. After all, every patient brings a unique dental history. Therefore, we start with a personal consultation and thorough inspection of the current status of the tooth. Depending on the position of the affected tooth, the size of the filling to be used, and the overall condition of your teeth, we can then decide together what will bring the best results functionally as well as esthetically. In the end, you should be not just satisfied, but truly impressed with your new dental filling.

For smaller defects: composite as a dental filling

If the filling is needed only for very small defects on the tooth neck, or if fillings are being placed in baby teeth in children, then the use of a composite may be a good solution. This filling material can be used to correct the unpleasant consequences of caries quickly and exceptionally effectively. For temporary dental fillings, we use glasionomer cement, if the final dental filling cannot yet be applied to the affected tooth in the same treatment session. In such cases, we have had very good experiences with this filling material.

Entirely functional and esthetic: composite dental fillings

At our practice, composite (plastic) is one of the most commonly used materials for dental fillings. The filler material is based on acrylic and reinforced with ceramics, glass, and quartz, so it has excellent functional properties. Composite dental fillings also provide an excellent visual appearance. Composite is also easy to work with and, unlike the now controversial amalgam fillings previously used, it is not stuffed into the hole in the tooth, but rather applied in layers and glued in securely. We do all of this with the greatest of care and precision, so that you can enjoy your new composite filling for a long time!

Ceramic caps are impressive on front teeth

When fillings are needed in the front teeth, we are happy to recommend ceramic veneers to our patients. This modern form of treatment is one of the most cosmetically impressive dental fillings and is also excellent for correcting small gaps in the teeth, slight imperfections, and the shape and color of a tooth. With these ceramic veneers, we can provide a dental filling that is almost impossible to tell apart from your natural teeth. Because only a slight layer of the tooth enamel needs to be ground when ceramic veneers are used, a lot of healthy tooth tissue also remains. This is an important advantage that helps to protect your real teeth as long as possible.

For larger defects: ceramic inlay using the CEREC method

CEREC is a computer-aided procedure that produces a metal-free and highly esthetic ceramic dental filling (inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, and crowns). CEREC fillings do not require an imprint or a temporary fix. We measure and produce the necessary piece in a single session and apply it at the end of the treatment.

In good hands for any dental filling

Composites, ceramic caps, or inlays—regardless of which dental filling you eventually choose, you are always in good hands with our friendly, experienced dental team. If you want to experience true quality work and are looking for treatment matched to your specific individual needs, then you can count on our well-versed support. For any questions concerning filling materials, gentle and nearly pain-free sessions, and an impressive result in terms of both function and esthetics, consider us your reliable and understanding partner.

Our range of services includes exclusively well-founded, well thought-out, and understandable treatments. We stand for impressive craftsmanship and the best dental expertise. After all, it’s about your teeth! And they should stay healthy and strong for many years to come. Therefore, no matter what type of dental fillings you need, have them done here, so that you are on the safe side right from the start. Contact us, we look forward to meeting you!

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